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Kentucky Legislation (House Bill 48) Reimbursement for Pharmaceutical Services, effective 6/28/21

 Creates a new section of Subtitle 12 of KRS Chapter 304 to establish certain insurance practices relating to the reimbursement of pharmacists;

 Amends KRS 304.14-135 to establish a clean claim form for the reimbursement of certain pharmacist services or procedures;

 Amends KRS 304.17A-844 and 304.17B-011 to conform;

 Amends KRS 18A.225 to require the state employee health plan to comply with pharmacist reimbursement requirements; and

 Amends KRS 342.020 (Workers’ Compensation Statute) to require workers' compensation employers, insurers, and payment obligors to comply with pharmacist reimbursement requirements.

     o Section (14) was added to KRS 342.020. Medical treatment.

          (14)(a) As used in this subsection, "practice of pharmacy" has the same meaning as in KRS 315.010.     

             (b) In addition to all other compensation that may be reimbursed to a pharmacist under this chapter, the employer, insurer, or payment obligor shall be liable for the reimbursement of a pharmacist for a service or procedure at a rate not less than that provided to other nonphysician practitioners if the service or procedure:

                         1. Is within the scope of the practice of pharmacy;

                         2. Would otherwise be compensable under this chapter if the service or procedure were provided by a:

                                a. Physician;

                                 b. Advanced practice registered nurse; or

                                 c. Physician assistant; and

                         3. Is performed by the pharmacist in strict compliance with laws and administrative regulations related to the pharmacist's license.

    o KRS 315 is titled Pharmacists and Pharmacies. KRS 315.010 defines “practice of pharmacy” as follows:

              "Practice of pharmacy" means interpretation, evaluation, and implementation of medical orders and prescription drug orders; responsibility for dispensing prescription drug orders, including radioactive substances; participation in drug and drug-related device selection; administration of medications or biologics in the course of dispensing or maintaining a prescription drug order; the administration of adult immunizations pursuant to prescriberapproved protocols; the administration of immunizations to individuals nine (9) to seventeen (17) years of age pursuant to prescriber-approved protocols with the consent of a parent or guardian; the administration of immunizations to a child as defined in KRS 214.032, pursuant to protocols as authorized by KRS 315.500; drug evaluation, utilization, or regimen review; maintenance of patient pharmacy records; and provision of patient counseling and those professional acts, professional decisions, or professional services necessary to maintain and manage all areas of a patient's pharmacy-related care, including pharmacy-related primary care as defined in this section;

o Therefore, HB 48 amends KRS 342.020 to require employer/insurers to reimburse pharmacists for services provided if they fall within the scope of the “practice of pharmacy” definition above and would otherwise be compensable if provided by a physician, advanced practice registered nurse, or physician assistant. Also the service must be performed in strict compliance with the laws and administrative regulations related to the pharmacist’s license.

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