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The 2022 Indiana legislature enacted a clarifying change to the statute of limitations under the Worker’s Compensation Act due to recent challenges to a long-held practice honoring the Board’s position that plaintiffs have two years from the last date for which compensation has been paid for  an accepted injury claim to file its Application for Adjustment of Claim.

Statute of Limitations

I.C. 22-3-3-3, effective July 1, 2022, now confirms the two-year period within which an Application for Adjustment of Claim must be filed to begin running on the last day for compensation was paid after the occurrence of an accident for  which compensation is paid as temporary total or temporary partial disability benefits.

Increased Benefits

The Act was amended to increase temporary total disability and benefits for payment of permanent partial impairment beginning July 1, 2023 with regular 3% increases through 2026.

Contact Diana Wann:  for a schedule of rates and benefits through 2026.

Ambulatory Surgery Centers Included  in 200% of Medicare Cap

Ambulatory surgery centers were defined and included in the medical cap of 200% of Medicare reimbursement as used by CMS previously affecting hospitals only, effective January 1, 2023.

Clean Claim Provision Added, I.C. 22-3-7.2, Payments of Claims

Clean Claim payment deadlines were established, effective January 1,2023.