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Claimant was allegedly injured in a work incident on July 25, 2018. Following a Hearing, the Industrial Accident Board issued a Decision finding claimant had sustained only a limited injury which had resolved, with treatment only compensable through January 2, 2019. Later, several medical bills for treatment after the date of resolution of injury were paid by accident.

Upon learning of the mistaken payments, the adjuster immediately requested reimbursement, with Heckler & Frabizzio providing a letter to be sent to each provider, explaining the consequences of the Board’s prior Decision, and reinforcing the need to issue reimbursement. However, none of the providers complied. The Employer filed a Motion with the Board, seeking to compel reimbursement of the mistaken payments. At the Legal Hearing, no physicians were present, despite receiving notice. Claimant’s attorney was present and argued against ordering reimbursement, out of concern the providers would then seek payment from the claimant.

In an Order dated August 11, 2022, the Board agreed with the Employer and granted the Motion. Because the treatment was all administered by certified providers under the Workers’ Compensation System, and because the Board has statutory authority over medical payments, the Board was empowered to compel reimbursement. Further, as the payments were issued for treatment after a clear cutoff date, the Board agreed they were made by mistake. As such, the providers were required to issue reimbursement within thirty days, or else they would be subject to further sanctions from the Board.

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Patricia Wesley v. State of Delaware, IAB No. 1475026 (Aug. 11, 2022).