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The Films Matter: Employer Beats Adjacent Segment Spinal Surgery

Claimant was involved in a 4/30/21 work accident. Employer accepted a C4-7 fusion surgery performed on 11/16/21. Following this procedure, Employer filed a Petition to Review seeking to terminate total disability benefits. Employer filed a cross Petition seeking payment of additional surgery done on 9/11/23, extending the fusion to cover the adjacent C3-4 level.

Accepting the opinion of defense medical expert Dr. Kahanovitz over claimant’s treating surgeon Dr. Eskander, the Board found claimant’s more recent neck surgery not reasonable or necessary treatment, and also terminated total disability. The Board noted that Dr. Kahanovitz personally reviewed flexion extension x-ray and MRI films, and observed no changes to the C3-4 level or progression of Claimant’s condition. There was no evidence of instability or significant neurological compression. Without these factors, there was no indication to extend the fusion. The Board also agreed with Dr. Kahanovitz that it was questionable to extend the fusion when both doctors agreed that the level above at C2-3 had evidence of instability, putting the claimant at further risk down the road. As to the Petition to Review, the Board commented that even claimant conceded on cross examination that she was capable of doing a part time work from home job. In this context, the testimony of Dr. Kahanovitz as to return to work capability was deemed more credible.

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Patricia Abrams v. State of Delaware, IAB Hrg. No. 1510985 (Mar. 27, 2024).