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Claimant filed a Petition seeking 14% permanency to the right upper extremity (shoulder), as rated by Dr. Rodgers. Following a Hearing, the Board issued a Decision, commenting that although they felt that there was likely some applicable permanency rating due to the work injury, Claimant had not met his burden of proof as to there being 14% impairment. The Board specifically noted that it was uncomfortable with Dr. Rodgers’ permanent impairment rating when his testimony made it clear that he had not reviewed medical records documenting prior right shoulder injuries and treatment. 
Claimant then provided Dr. Rodgers with the pre-existing medical records. Dr. Rodgers issued an addendum maintaining the same rating. Claimant re-filed the Petition.
Following a Legal Hearing, the Board dismissed the Petition, finding the same was precluded by res judicata and/or collateral estoppel.
Should you have any questions regarding this Decision, please contact John Ellis or any other attorney in our Workers’ Compensation Department.
St. James v. State, IAB Hrg. No. 1490378 (Oct. 28, 2021)(ORDER)