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Claimant was involved in a compensable work accident in 2019 injuries to multiple body parts, including the low back. In 2021, the Claimant filed a Petition to Determine Additional Compensation Due seeking payment for lumbar spine Platelet-Rich Plasma (“PRP”) injections.
Claimant called Dr. Grossinger in support of his position. Dr. Grossinger suggested that PRP was appropriate to consider given the failure of various other conservative modalities. As part of his testimony, Dr. Grossinger stated commentary made by Dr. Rudin in the medical records that PRP is a fraction of the cost of lumbar surgery, with quicker recovery, and that the vast majority of Dr. Rudin’s PRP patients improve and do not go on to have surgery.
Employer’s medical expert, Dr. Gelman, alleged that PRP injections are an “investigational” procedure with unproven efficacy and not part of the Delaware Practice Guidelines. Dr. Gelman further stated that PRP was not FDA approved and there were no high-level studies to prove PRP is effective.
The Board found in favor of the Employer. The Board noted that Dr. Grossinger is not an orthopedist and has no experience with PRP injections to the spine. The Board agreed with Dr. Gelman that while some reputable medical facilities are conducting PRP treatment, there are no high-level studies to prove its effectiveness. With that, the Board indicated that the Claimant failed to meet his burden to prove PRP was reasonable and necessary to his low back treatment.
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Matthew Bryant v. Marjam Supply Co., Inc., IAB Hrg. No. 1481980 (Sept. 28, 2021).