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As many of you know, an Alabama Circuit Judge recently issued an Order declaring the entire Alabama Workers’ Compensation Act unconstitutional.  As a result, there have been many questions as to whether the constitutional issue would be appealed and what effect, if any; the ruling would have on other Alabama cases.  The case in which the Order was issued recently settled which nullifies any chance of the constitutional issue reaching a higher court, at least in that case.  As a result of this recent constitutional attack, the Alabama State Bar Association has appointed a task force to research the workers’ compensation laws of surrounding states in an effort to try to revise or amend certain provisions of the Alabama Workers’ Compensation Act. While we can expect that a focus will be put on the $220.00 cap on permanent partial disability and the 15% contingency fee, other parts of the Act will be examined as well.

We will continue to report as this issue progresses or stalls.



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