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2021 NWCDN Virtual Annual Conference: Today's Trends & Tomorrow's Solutions – The COVID Conundrum

Wednesday, November 10, 2021
10:00 a.m. - 2:00p.m. Central


To replay the conference in its entirety, CLICK HERE

CLICK HERE for the Keynote Address: Looking for the Constants in a Sea of Change

CLICK HERE to replay The Twists and Turns of Navigating Workers’ Compensation Claims in the New Hybrid Work Environment

CLICK HERE to replay How to Avoid Litigation

CLICK HERE to replay Best Practices to Mitigate Risk, Avoid Common Pitfalls, and Effectively Manage Claims

CLICK HERE to replay Psycho-Social Factors in Workers’ Compensation: A Medical Perspective



Member Provided Experts (232 KB)
Epidemiologist and Infectious Disease Experts


COVID-19 Benefits Survey (345 KB)
Covid-19 Layoffs and Impacts on Benefits: A State by State Analysis


Compensability – State by State Survey (595 KB)
Compensability: A State By State Survey


COVID-19 Miscellaneous (258 KB)
COVID-19 Miscellaneous


Presumption of Health Care Workers (267 KB)
Presumption of Health Care Workers


Telecommuting Employees and Compensability Issues (272 KB)
Telecommuting Employees and Compensability Issues


Telemedicine in a Pandemic (207 KB)
Telemedicine in a Pandemic


2020 Complimentary Webinar Replays


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