Jennifer Caswell successfully defended a case involving a claimed low back injury.  Claimant indicated to co-workers that there was a non-work cause. Ms. Caswell’s presentation of the witnesses and her cross-examination of the claimant demonstrated that claimant was not credible. Judge Stine entered an order of dismissal with prejudice. Therefore, the employer did not have to pay any temporary disability, medical expenses, or permanent disability, nor was it ordered to pay the attorney fee in excess of $11,000.00 claimed by opposing counsel.

In another case,Jennifer Caswell obtained an order of dismissal when she successfully argued that no compensable injury or aggravation occurred and any disability or symptoms claimant had were related to a pre-existing degenerative condition.   Had Judge Fridrich found for claimant on causation, her permanency award would very likely have been permanent total disability with a present value of almost $650,000.00, plus additional exposure for medical treatment.